Ice-T and Coco Talk Post-Baby Sex and Other New Parent Stuff

Coco is a 'Slave' to Ice-T
Coco Austin opens up about her and Ice T’s sex life.

Expecting parents, Ice-T and Coco, sat down with E! to answer some questions about what they anticipate their life together will be like when their daughter, Chanel, arrives next month.

The reality TV twosome gave an interview in their East Coast abode, answering such questions like who plans on being the primary diaper changer in the household.

As it turns out, it’s Coco, who is also responsible for any late night/early morning feedings.

But the biggest challenge facing this famously amorous couple will be waiting the appropriate amount of time before resuming their lovemaking.

While Coco approximates the wait time to be six weeks, Ice gave a different answer, saying, “I guess it’s going to be as long as Coco can sustain from me. She has a bunch of ways of having sex.”

Leave it to these two to come up with a creative solution!

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