Kim Kardashian Has ‘Anxiety’ Over ‘Gaining a Lot of Weight’

Kim Kardashian: I Feel 'Like a F**king Whale'
The reality star gives fans a Baby No. 2 update.

If you haven’t heard by now: Kim Kardashian is really worried about her weight.

The reality star, who recently revealed that she’s packed on 52 pounds since becoming pregnant with her second child with Kanye West, has taken to her blog to reiterate just how concerned she is about that number on the scale. Explaining that her baby is roughly the size of a “a REALLY heavy pineapple” right now, the 35-year-old confess she’s actually gained more weight than she did when she was pregnant with daughter North West.

“I’m feeling: Anxiety, knowing my baby is so big and I’m gaining a lot of weight,” she writes. “My doctor wants me to manage it better, but it’s hard to! I have gained more than I did the first pregnancy. I’m up 52 pounds so far, with six weeks to go.”

Kardashian, who previously wrote that she looks forward to “getting skinny” again, adds that she’s craving ice cream and “that is not good” because of her disinterest in going to the gym these days.

“I suddenly dislike: Working out,” the expectant mom pens. “It’s just too hard at this point.”

“It will be a big baby, they said,” she notes. “North was just four pounds, so this is new to me. This baby is already seven pounds.”

Kardashian is reportedly due on Christmas Day.