Ciara Wants to Share a Meal with Missy Elliott, Michael Jackson, and the Obamas

But who would get stuck doing the dishes?

Ciara is no stranger to serving. She’s served vicious dance moves at the BET Awards and within the frames of her sexy, empowering music videos for just over a decade. But on Wednesday, Nov. 11 at the Institute of Culinary Education, Super C served a new audience through food to combat child hunger with Unilever USA’s #ShareAMeal campaign. The singer strapped on an apron and carved into a turkey to prepare a Thanksgiving feast to be delivered to starving children through City Harvest.

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Unilever’s unique campaign restores the redeeming qualities of social media by providing a meal to a starving child each time you interact (i.e. like, favorite, or retweet) a post on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ShareAMeal. You can serve like Ciara by posting your own #ShareAMeal on social media or by double-tapping the video above.

Ciara sat down with Celebuzz to dig in to the changes in her life as a new mom and put together a roster of the people with whom she dreams of sharing a meal.

CELEBUZZ: What made your #ShareAMeal partnership with Unilever to end childhood hunger connection such an organic connection?

Ciara: I’ve worked with Unilever before, so we’re kind of like family at this point. When the opportunity came over to be a part of this campaign, I got so excited about it because, especially being a mom, I can’t imagine my child not having a meal. Also, I was inspired by being informed on how real world hunger is, that every one in five children suffer child hunger.

Growing up, you see these commercials about kids in third-world countries that are suffering from hunger and you don’t realize that it’s happening in your neighborhood. For me, this was exciting because I get to use my platform of all of my cool fans and the millions of people that follow me on social media for a greater cause.

“Being an entertainer, this is a true pay-off for me. The real reason that I do what I do is because I can use my voice to make a difference.”

CB: The social media aspect of this campaign is interesting because the very last post on your blog was about the negative effects of social media in terms of defamation and bullying. It seems that this campaign turns that idea on its head.

Ciara: Yes, and this is such a way to turn things around and use your voice for the right reason. It’s so cool and exciting.

CB: It’s evident from your enthusiasm in the kitchen that you really enjoy to cook. What’s your favorite meal to make for your son?

Ciara: He likes spaghetti bolognese or spaghetti with meatballs. But I also like making him Cream of Wheat. He likes that, which is really simple. And you know what—I know I don’t “make” a banana, but it’s so cute seeing him say “nana” when I give him bananas!

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CB: If you had to #ShareAMeal with five people, dead or alive, who would they be?

Ciara: Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Missy Elliott, Serena [Williams], and know I can’t just count them as one, but I would invite the First Lady Michelle Obama and the President.

CB: Your latest album Jackie shows off a whole vulnerable, open side of who you are. Is this a result of motherhood, maturity, or a combination of the both?

Ciara: Being a mom definitely allowed me to be way more vulnerable and to be way more vocal because now I’m in a place where I’m just going to say what I feel and not care what anyone has to say about it. There’s no greater feeling than that comfort because before I would over-think things, like, “If I say this, they’re going to think that.”

Finally you realize the only thing is to say and do what you feel, and that’s the place that I’m in right now.

“I’m truly living life and living in the moment of what’s happening. That’s what’s really important and I feel like having my son has allowed me to grow up and truly become a woman.”

CB: Your cover of The Rolling Stone’s “Paint It Black” was so incredible, yet unexpected. What inspired that project?

Ciara: I got a call from Lionsgate about doing the end title song for The Last Witch Hunter. I was so glad that I was able to do “Paint It Black” because I was able to experiment artistically, plus I had always wanted to do songs with that kind of vibe.

CB: What would be your dream cover song?

Ciara: I love Sade and I love Michael Jackson. You know what my favorite song of all time is though? “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” by Al Green. There’s so many options out there. Too many!

Launch the gallery below to view photos of Ciara in the kitchen at the Institute of Culinary Education.