WATCH: YouTube Fitness Star Cassey Ho Reacts to Mean Comments in the Best Way Possible

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Sadly, mean comments are abundant on the Internet.

That’s something YouTube fitness star Cassey Ho knows all too well. She recently launched her own POP Pilates class which is being taught at 24 Hour Fitness clubs across the country, but that doesn’t mean she’s impervious to haters trying to drag her down over on her popular YouTube channel.

Cassey read through a few mean comments users posted on her videos and Instagram page, and reacted to them in a video for Cosmopolitan.

“She has no ass because she starves herself and doesn’t [lift] weights,” one user commented. “I do lift weights, because I lift my body weight, and this is my booty, and I love it!” Cassey responded.

“I think online bullying is for cowards, and I think it reflects a lot on them. I think they have a lot of trouble going on in their own lives, and they have to express that anger onto someone else,” she said.

“I don’t take it personally, because it’s not going to help me do better. It’s an invalid comment.”

Cassey reacted to a few more comments and shared her thoughts on online bullying. And with her many years of experience on YouTube–gaining over 2.6 million subscribers in the process–we’d say Cassey knows a thing or two about ignoring online negativity and moving on with the positivity.

“When you keep putting out your best efforts, and you keep being genuine, and keep giving, things just become magical and you just can’t really explain it,” Cassey told us in an exclusive interview.

Watch the video above and launch the gallery to see some of Cassey’s most inspiring Instagram quotes!