George Clooney Drops $1K on a Meal to Feed the Homeless

What a man.

George Clooney made a pit stop on Nov. 12 after leaving Tiger Lily restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland to visit the Social Bite cafe, which donates all profits to homeless people. The silver fox donated a five pound note in addition to about 1000 USD to pay for the meals of the needy before sampling a sandwich and a coffee from the shop. The BBC reports that Clooney hung around the cafe for about 15 minutes, greeting and taking selfies with the fans who swarmed outside.

The actor was invited to Social Bite by Josh Littlejohn, the shop’s co-founder, who arranged the Scottish Business Awards where Clooney was later scheduled to speak. “The staff are unbelievably excited about George’s visit,” says Littlejohn. “He’s one of the most famous people on the planet and we are looking forward to introducing him to the Social Bite concept.”

<> on November 12, 2015 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
CREDIT: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

The sandwich shop operates on a “suspended” coffee and food program where customers can pay for a hot drink or food for a homeless individual.

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