WATCH: This Is How Kanye West Deals with the Paparazzi Now

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Kanye West Smiles at NBA Finals
The Yeezy smile is a real thing.

Thanksgiving has arrived early for the one they call Yeezy.

This holiday season, Kanye West is grateful for a lot of things. You can imagine his list to include things like being married to Kim Kardashian, the existence of North, the impending arrival of North’s baby brother, his success at American Idol some weeks back, and Adele’s new album.

According to this new video of Kanye at LAX today, it appears that he’s also grateful for the paparazzi. Specifically, the dudes who shout compliments at him and ask him questions left and right and turn on their flashes so their photos come out just right.

Instead of doing something that didn’t work out quite well for him in the past, Kanye’s new mantra these days is pure gratitude. With a side of teeth.

Watch Kanye take control of his airport arrival, above. And when someone finds out where to get that 808 and Heartbreaks hoodie, I’ll take one in a small please.