WATCH: One Direction Is Not Bothered by Justin Bieber’s Same-Day Album Release

It’s all good.

One Direction is not fazed in the slightest that Justin Bieber dropped his album, Purpose, on the same day as their record, Made in the A.MWhen asked by Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small of Australia’s Nova FM whether the “pop world would end” on Friday, Nov. 13 when both albums released, Niall Horan dissuades any rumor of competition. “I think it’s been kind of made into a little bit of a big deal, to be honest,” says the One Directioner. “As I’ve said a few times today, we’ve been up against like Rihanna before, and no one’s ever mentioned that.”

“It’s good for pop culture. It’s gonna be fine. We just hope people like our album, and we worry about the rest when it happens.”

Hear that, Rihanna? You can release Anti now.

Watch the band’s commentary on Bieber in the video featured at the top of the page.