Shailene Woodley Turns 24 and So Much More

Shailene Woodley's Newest Confession Is Pretty Disgusting, Even For Her
Shailene Woodley's latest confession managed to make us squirm

Shailene Woodley is ringing in her 24th birthday today (Nov. 15).

The Fault In Our Stars actress has been a household name recently as she has taken on the role of Tris in the popular Divergent Series. Her newest project is a film that is set to release in May of 2016 entitled Snowden. Alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt who plays Edward Snowden, a CIA employee who leaks thousands of classified documents to the press, Woodley plays his girlfriend and accomplice Lindsay Mills.

Shailene Woodley was actually cast as Linsay Mills on November 15, 2014: last year on her 23rd birthday. For the role of Lindsay she had to learn how to “properly” pole dance, and had to take a number of pole dancing classes. The film is already rumored to be pretty controversial and Woodley is very excited to be apart of it. When she was asked about having any hesitations in being apart of such a controversial project in an interview with The Guardian, her answer was:

No hesitation whatsoever. It was something I felt was worth fighting for. What I find so compelling about the Snowden situation is that he’s very much in a place where we don’t know what’s going to happen. Will he ever go back to America? Will he stay in Russia? What happens when his asylum ends? There are so many open-ended questions. And being a woman, a young woman in the world today, I am grateful that I have access to information from the files that Edward decided to leak.

Hats off to Shailene for being so dedicated and devoted to everything she does, and we wish her the best birthday yet on her 24th.

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