‘Jackass’ Star Vincent ‘Don Vito’ Margera Dies at 59

Celebrity Deaths of 2014
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Bam Margera’s uncle has passed away. 

TMZ reports that Jackass star Vincent “Don Vito” Margera died early Sunday morning (Nov. 15, 2015) from organ and kidney failure. He was only 59.

Best-known for the pranks he pulled alongside his nephew Bam on the MTV show Jackass movies, and Viva La Bam, Vincent had reportedly been struggling with his health for several years, and slipped into a coma last month.

It’s yet another devastating blow for Bam, who lost Ryan Dunn, his best friend and co-star, four years ago. The Jackass star crashed his Porsche in June 2011 after a night of heavy drinking at a bar, killing himself and his passenger Zachary Hartwell.