Say Hello to (Part of) a New Adele Song Called ‘When We Were Young’

Demi Covers "Hello"
Watch the confident singer take on Adele's smash.

You’ve already played Adele’s record-breakingHello” a thousand times, so what better excuse to take a small break than the emergence of a new 25 track?

Adele is set to appear on 60 Minutes Australia this Sunday, Nov. 22. In a preview of the “exclusive” special, Adele can be seen performing a never-before-heard cut from 25 called “When We Were Young.” Treat yourself:

“It’s a whole new me.” Indeed, Adele. Indeed.

Adele co-wrote “When We Were Young” with Tobias Jesso Jr., whom Adele interviewed in The Guardian. In the interview, somewhat predictably, he stans for his collaborator queen (and also Randy Newman), calling her his favorite. (He is certainly not alone in feeling that way.) Considering Adele has the power to catapult him to a level of stardom he has not yet reached, it is understandable that he would, in the parlance of another pop legend, bow down.

25 is out this Friday, Nov. 20. It is currently expected to sell in the region of two million copies its first week on shelves. You have five days to prepare for the takeover. See you on the other side.