Julianne Hough Talks About Her Wedding Hair & Makeup Look

Julianne Hough is busy planning her wedding to Brooks Laich.

And while the big day is still a ways off, the 27-year-old actress says she’s already nailed down one thing: her hair and makeup look.

According to People, Hough says her look will be anything but over-the-top. “My main thing is that I want to look like me,” she told the publication. “I don’t know if my hair will be up or down, but I’ll keep it as natural as possible—with a little flair!”

Julianne and Brooks became engaged over the summer, and Julianne recently showed off her gorgeous engagement ring.

Julianne says Brooks likes it best when she wears no makeup at all. (And her bare face is flawless!) “He loves when I don’t wear makeup. I feel really lucky because he is one of those guys who thinks less is more. I never wear makeup when it’s just us,” she says.

“Nothing is better than when Brooks says I look beautiful.”

That must have a lot to do with the fact that Julianne feels comfortable with who she is as a person. “I’m so much more comfortable in my skin today than I was at 18. I think a lot of that had to do with [being] focused on who I thought people wanted me to be rather than who I truly am.”