Kylie Jenner on Dating: ‘I’ve Always Been a Relationship Girl’

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Pack on the PDA
The couple has their first-ever public kiss.

Kylie Jenner is opening up about her love life.

Taking to her website, the 18-year-old, who is currently dating 25-year-old rapper Tyga, writes about having a boyfriend while being in the spotlight. In a post titled “What I Really Think About Relationships,” Jenner spills about her approach to romance.

“Living in the spotlight, people think they know everything about me—but they don’t,” she begins. “I’ve never believed in the idea of the public knowing everything about my relationship and every time I break up and make up.”

Jenner, who only went public with her relationship with Tyga only after she became of legal age, explains that she believes in a monogamous relationship. Despite claims that she’s cheated on her boyfriend, the young Keeping Up Kardashians star insists that she’s been nothing but loyal.

“I’m not afraid to show who I’m dating, but I’m also not about to talk about every little detail of my relationship,” she pens. “Everyone who knows me, knows I’ve always been a relationship girl. I’ve never believed in the idea of casual dating or being with two people at once. I feel like I only have room for one person in my heart and I want to give whoever I’m with all the attention they deserve.”

She continues, “It’s hard to see all that gets completely made up about me. I really try not to let it bother me and I certainly don’t feel like I need to correct every little lie out there, but at the same time, I just hate giving people the satisfaction of being able to make things up about someone they don’t know anything about!”

Previously, Jenner told Elle Canada that she doesn’t like disclosing every part of her “pretty organic” relationship with Tyga to all her fans.

“I do think that if you let people in too deep, it gets hard,” she commented. “Your fans get too invested, and then they know when you break up and make up. I don’t want people to know every time we fight or break up, so I’d rather keep some things private.”

“I don’t think I will ever be super-public about my relationships,” Jenner said.