Shia LaBeouf on His Shia LaBeouf Movie Marathon: ‘This Sh*t Changed My Coffee Order Name’

Starbucks never got it right anyway.

Shia LaBeouf discussed his three-day #ALLMYMOVIES marathon in which he screened all of his films in reverse chronological order and provided a simultaneous live-stream his reactions in an interview with NewHive. He reveals that he entered the project coming from a place of self-hatred, fearing that audience members would throw popcorn at him or light his hair on fire in revolt. However, LaBeouf says that he feels like a “cartoon character” after the experience, revelling in the support that he received from his fans.


He tells NewHive that he is now confident in claiming his “coffee order name” after enduring the “humanizing” experience.

“I feel lighter today. I feel love today. It’s as simple as this: I used to order my coffee and when they’d say, ‘Hey what’s your name?’ I’d say James, because I didn’t want them to say my name.”

In fact, the actor spoke with an attendee who was a new resident of New York who left the screening with 13 new friends from the sea of audience members who cheered for LaBeouf when he went to use the bathroom.

“When I get up to go take a p*ss and they’re cheering,” he says. “And you know that the cheer is about the person who’s next in line, they’re not cheering for themselves 40-people back, they’re cheering for the guy they know they’ve been sitting with in line for seven hours and they’re watching his face as he smiles down the stairs.”

“That’s the art. That’s the reason we did the project.”

LaBeouf calls Lawless the tipping point where his movies began to drop off and The Even Stevens Movie as a pinnacle of childhood nostalgia.

“It’s mine and it’s yours … If you look at the freeze frames, everyone is smiling like wow, I remember Beans. I remember that stupid-ass song. We were all looking at our yearbook together and we’re all in the yearbook.”


As for the notable moment from the livestream wherein LaBeouf fell asleep during Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the actor attributes self-hatred as the cause of his impromptu nap. He remembers thinking to himself, “I’m gonna go take a nap ‘cause I hate myself, not ‘cause I’m tired, but because I’m dying right now.”


Still, the Nymphomaniac actor came out on the other side with three other important epiphanes among self-affirmation:

  1. “Making pizza can be an art.”
  2. Free jalapeño pizza is the common denominator of mankind: “There was a point where I remember eating the pizza and this guy in the back got the pizza and he was like, “F*ck yeah! Pizza!” Everybody giggled. It was humanizing for me.”
  3. And lastly, “Sincerity is the new punk rock.”


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