Gregg Sulkin Leaves Absolutely Nothing to the Imagination in ‘Flaunt’ Spread

Gregg Sulkin Takes Our Quiz!
See how the 'Faking It' star did...

Bella Thorne is one lucky girl.

Gregg Sulkin stripped down to his underwear in Flaunt magazine’s latest spread. In only his Emporio Armani boxer briefs, the actor leaves literally nothing to the imagination. Not only do we get a look as his chiseled body, but he makes us totally what to be stranded in the desert with him.

In his interview with the publication, the British boy dishes on everything from his dream role (James Bond) to his idea of a perfect day.

Ideally, catch up with my family in the morning on Skype/FaceTime, drive to set, come home in the evening, watch some football and spend time with my girlfriend.

The Faking It star also opened up about his parents, and how they’ve always been supportive of his dreams. “They’ve always been there for me and they allowed me, at 17 years old, to move to America to do a TV show,” he shared. “For that reason, I will always be very grateful to them for allowing me to chase my dream.”

For more from his interview, visit But for your viewing please, please enjoy his shirtless desert photos in the gallery above!