ICYMI: Seth Rogen and His ‘The Night Before’ Cast Mates Remade the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Intro

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"The Night Before" Trailer
JGL had us at "Wrecking Ball."

“We get drunk and have sex!”

So reads Seth Rogen’s commentary to this amazing video you’re about to enjoy. You know that feeling you got after watching Jennifer Lawrence and her friends’ remake of the Vanderpump Rules opening credits last year? (This was before she began that beautiful friendship with Amy Schumer but just imagine the possibilities if they had met even earlier).

Well you might get a similar sensation (or a wee laugh) when you watch Seth and his co-stars from The Night Before take on the intro, complete with all the flowing drinks and smizing you can pack into 22 seconds. Tune into Thursday’s episode because the cast will actually “go inside the world of SUR.”

Good work, everyone.

The Night Before opens Friday.

P.S. can someone page JLaw and see if she’ll do a second Vanderpump Rules video with ASchu and maybe alsoAziz Ansari and Chris Pratt?