WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Reveals David Beckham is ‘People’ Mag’s Sexiest Man Alive

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Queen of the Dragons, Emilia Clarke, has earned yet another illustrious title.

It’s shocking to believe that it’s his first time earning the honor, but on Tuesday night David Beckham announced to the world that he was this year’s Sexiest Man Alive for People magazine.

Talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, had a fun time slowly revealing the identity of this year’s winner on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in a game of 21 questions that he played with the unwitting audience.

With David’s faced concealed and modulating his voice, the audience slowly pieced together question by question that he was an athlete and not an actor, married to a celebrity, had tattoos, had never been to jail but had once sported a man bun.

Eventually, someone correctly guessed David, but not before Jimmy joked that it definitely was neither Nick Carter nor Matt Damon.

David cheerfully said of the honor, “It’s the best moment of my career.”