WATCH: Blac Chyna and Future (Almost) Get It On in ‘Rich $ex’ Music Video

Future: I'm Single!
Future insists he's not dating Blac Chyna.

So, are they dating or nah?

Blac Chyna, who recently got a tattoo of supposed boyfriend Future’s name before awkwardly finding out that they’re actually not in a relationship, is the star of the hip-hop star’s new music video for “Rich $ex.” Though it’s unclear if the visuals were shot before or after the whole permanent ink debacle, Chyna, 27, and Future, 31, are nonetheless packing major PDA in the four-minute clip.

Scantily clad in a red bra and matching skirt, Chyna is seen grinding up against Future as he croons about — surprise, surprise — having “rich sex.”

blac chyna future dating rich sex

And in case you were wondering: No, Chyna’s Future tattoo cannot be seen in the video. However, you can still watch the two practically get it on in the clip — above.