Celebuzz Exclusive: Fleur De Force Discusses Her New Makeup Line and Which Celebrity Inspires Her Most

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Fleur De Force knows a thing or two about the beauty world.

The 27-year-old began making YouTube videos as a hobby over six years ago, and now has become one of the most successful YouTube vloggers in not only the UK, but the world.

With over 1.3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Fleur has amassed over 124,538,109 views on her videos to date, and those numbers continue to rise.

Fleur De Force Glam Guide

It’s really not hard to see what Fleur’s subscribers love about her videos. Whether she’s teaching viewers how to achieve the perfect fall makeup look, recommending affordable beauty products or bringing her vlogging camera along with her to fashion shows, beauty conventions or exotic vacations around the world, Fleur has shared the past few years of her life with her subscribers, managing to create an intimate bond with over a million people across the globe.

These days, Fleur is busier than ever. She recently came out with her first book, The Glam Guide, released her very own makeup range and collaborated with Eylure on an eyelash line.

She was also named Outstanding YouTuber Of The Year by InStyle UK and has been featured in SeventeenTeen Vogue and more. But don’t think that’s taken away from her YouTube channel– Fleur still posts regularly on her beauty and vlogging channels, making sure her fans are never left wondering where she is or what she’s up to.

Having been subscribed to her for a few years, myself, I was undeniably excited to get the chance to interview Fleur about this exciting time in her life.

Congratulations on your new makeup line! What are some of your favorite products from the range?

Fleur De Force: Thank you so much! It’s hard to pick favourites as the range is quite small, but my most worn shades are the Written in the Stars and Starry Starry Night glosses and the Lunar Rose eyeshadow quad.

Fleur De Force Eyeshadow

Who are some of your role models in the beauty industry? Who inspired you most while creating your makeup line?

FDF: In terms of creating the range, my inspiration came more from what colours and formulas I like to wear already, but picking the best bits from my favourites and making them into my “perfect” range. I do take beauty inspiration from certain celebrities. I think Emma Stone’s makeup always looks on point, and I really look up to Charlotte Tilbury and everything she’s achieved in the industry.

You also did a collaboration Eylure. What was that experience like?

FDF: Amazing! I was so honoured that such a great brand that I love and use all the time wanted to collaborate with me, and the experience of designing my own lashes was so much fun!

Fleur De Force Eylure

You have amazing lashes already, but when do you like to wear falsies?

FDF: I love wearing more dramatic ones for parties and special events, but my Fleur Loves 3/4 lashes are perfect for daytime, too. They are so light and comfortable to wear. If I’ve got a full day of meetings then am heading to an event in the evening, I’ll wear them all day.

What was the process of writing your book The Glam Guide like? Can you see yourself writing another book?

FDF: It was actually really fun to try out something new! I really enjoyed throwing myself into a new challenge and it was easier than I had anticipated. (I ended up having more ideas than I could fit into the book!) As for book 2… That’s definitely something I would love to do one day!

How do you see your YouTube channel and brand continuing to grow in the future? Any exciting projects coming up?

FDF: There are a couple of exciting things on the cards for next year, but I don’t want to jinx anything by telling everyone just yet. This year has been incredible for me, being able to launch my book, lashes and makeup range. It’s been quite a busy one but hopefully there will be even more exciting announcements coming soon!