WATCH: Khloe Kardashian Talks Lamar Odom’s Long-Term Prognosis and Recovery

A staph-infected Khloé Kardashian reflects on “one of the most emotionally stressful time” of her life: rushing to Lamar Odom’s bedside last month and make medical decisions for him.

Talking with the Today Show’s Natalie Morales, Kardashian said she was originally told Odom had only four hours to live after being found unconscious at a Nevada brothel.

“It’s a horrible call to get,” she commented. “Getting to the hospital and knowing he’s in a coma and having to run these tests or make medical decisions. It’s terrifying.”

She continued, “You have to make risk and reward decisions. Like, OK, well, there’s an 80 percent chance if we do this operation, he might pass away. But also if we don’t do it, there’s a 90 percent chance he’ll pass away.”

Staying by her estranged husband’s side for two weeks before he moved to a Los Angeles hospital, Khloé explained, “every day is different. The great thing is he’s off medical machines that will keep him alive.”

On Odom’s long-term prognosis, she added, “He is learning how to walk again and learning cognitive therapy and speech therapy. They think, like, within a year and a half to two years that, mentally, he might be fully recovered. But they don’t know…

“They kept saying, ‘You’re so optimistic. And you’re so positive.’ They wanted to keep reminding me, like, ‘We’re nowhere in the clear.’ But I was, like, ‘You guys told me he was gonna die just a few hours — or a few days ago.’ “

As for Odom and Kardashian’s pending divorce proceedings, Khloé explained why she put the stop on it:

I was expediting the divorce prior, and I’m still separated with him, but I’m just not expediting them anymore. There was no reason for it. And also, [it’s] in his will that I’m always the medical adviser. And it was just — he had no one else to make these decisions for him.

Just last night, the Strong Looks Better Naked author went on a so-called “antibiotics + painkillers” induced tweeting-spree in which she defended her decision to halt their divorce:

Khloé reportedly was just diagnosed with a staph infection, which she contracted while caring for Lamar at the hospital. She’s put her book tour on hold again in order to recover.

When it comes to another part of her life, that being Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out and transition, Khloé recalls, “when he did finally say it to us, we did feel like we were the last to know,” and that she handled the news the worst out of all her siblings.

“Verbally, I’ve handled it the worst ’cause I’m so honest,” she said. “And I’m just so, like, aggressive with the way I talk. So I’m always the one to be a bad guy, which I’m also okay with. But probably I took it the hardest.”

All in all, as Khloé reflects on the year she tells Morales, “You could never guess what’s gonna happen tomorrow. It’s taught me how strong I really am and also how great and supportive of a family I have. I don’t know how I’d live my life without my family. It’s the best support system in the world.”

Watch Khloe Kardashian’s entire interview in the video above, in which she also talks about her “healthy obsession” of going to the gym and healthy eating.

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