The Many Faces of Kate Middleton, the Queen of Abseiling

Full disclosure: abseiling is not a sexy activity.

But it sure looks like a fun one. Just look at Kate Middleton’s many faces from Friday’s royal visit to an outdoor education center in North Wales. Prince William was also there. They both abseiled (rappelled off a rock). They both wore casual, outdoor appropriate outfits. But only one royal made the silliest faces you’ll see all day.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit North Wales
CREDIT: Getty Images

I like to call this one, Look Wills I’m About To Drop So You Better Take a Good Photo of Me to ‘Gram Later. That, or This Is Why You Should Floss Daily.

This has been the latest installment of Royals Making Silly Faces. Let’s hope Queen Elizabeth or Prince Harry (or fingers crossed, Princess Charlotte), is featured in the next edition.