WATCH: Melissa McCarthy is Fiery Redhead Michelle Darnell in ‘The Boss’

Melissa McCarthy Talks Chris Hemsworth
Ladies and gentlemen, more Chris Hemsworth shirtless moments are in our midst.

Brassy, ballsy redhead, Michelle Darnell is the newest character portrayed by comedian Melissa McCarthy in the recently released official trailer for the Universal Pictures comedy feature, The Boss.

The story focuses on business tycoon, Michelle Darnell, self-proclaimed “wealthiest woman in America” and her fall from grace after she’s arrested for insider trading and left penniless.

Down on her luck, she’s taken in by her meek, single mother former employee, Claire, played by Kristen Bell.

McCarthy co-wrote the script with husband, Ben Falcone, and collaborator Steve Mallory. Darnell was originally a persona created by McCarthy while she was an active member of the Los Angeles improv comedy troupe, The Groundlings.

Melissa tells Entertainment Weekly, “I love her. I’m fascinated with those people who push so hard—I always love flawed characters.

The Boss is scheduled to be released in theaters in April 2016.