WATCH: Amber Rose Says Harry Styles Makes Her ‘So Wet’ on ‘Fashion Police’

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Not everyone liked what Harry Styleswore to the 2015 American Music Awards, but Giuliana Rancic and Amber Rose had nothing but good things to say… and more.

Amber stopped by Fashion Police to join Giuliana in a fun game of “Spit it Out” where they drew the first thing that came to mind upon seeing Harry.

When revealing her drawing of a lips and tongue, Giuliana gushed, “I drew lips with a tongue, because that’s what I want to do to him,” she said. “He is the hottest young guy in Hollywood right now, hands down. He is so hot, I’m sorry.”


However, Giuliana didn’t have the most risqué comment of the show. When Amber revealed her drawing, there was more hooting and hollering from the audience and crew.

“I drew a water bottle, cuz he gets me so wet,” she revealed. “Super hot, love him.”

The 21-year-old member of One Direction wore a black and white floral Gucci suit with flared pants to last night’s (Nov. 22) awards show where the boy band took home the award for Artist of the Year.

Harry Styles AMAs
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Watch the video above to see Amber’s very kind words about Harry!