Rihanna Announces World Tour, Stalls ‘Anti’ Release with Debut of ‘ANTIDiaRy’ Virtual Reality Game and Short Film

In your own words, Ri Ri; “Just pull the trigger.”

Another day has gone by and Rihanna still hasn’t dropped her highly-anticipated eighth album Anti. However she has announced a world tour, and rolled out a few disturbing Samsung ads based on her own life story entitled ANTIdiaRywith a mobile game to boot!

CREDIT: ANTIdiaRy Screenshot

Her virtual reality game could be described as Ryan Murphy’s reimagining of the ancient computer game Myst, complete with creepy little kids and their creepy little doodles.

Not a fan of logic games? No sweat. All that’s required of you is the willingness to abandon all spatial awareness by spinning around in circles to find video clips hidden within the room. Please note that playing Ri Ri’s game during a bathroom break will hinder the discovery of at least 30% of the content behind you based on personal flexibility and/or dedication.

Vulture reports that in the exclusive Samsung version of Rihanna’s game, one is given clues to unlock her new album with keys connected to the Instagram handle @iamthekeyholder, which currently displays Rihanna’s stick figure portrait etched into places all over the world.


Then, Rihanna announced a world tour on Monday, Nov. 23 that will begin in February 2016, featuring The Weeknd and Big Sean on the European leg and Travis Scott in the North America. Tickets go on sale on Thursday, Dec. 3, which leads us to believe that Anti is in our near future but who knows what’s even going on! Click here for a full list of tour dates and locations.

Visit ANTIdiaRy.com while on your mobile device to play the ANTIdiaRy game and watch the full Samsung ad right here while waiting for Rihanna to pull through.