WATCH: This Bulldog Singing ‘Diamonds’ Is Every Rihanna Fan Waiting for ‘Anti’ to Drop

Rihanna Announces World Tour, But Still No 'Anti'
In your own words, Ri Ri; "Just pull the trigger"

Where art thou, Queen Ri Ri?

Everything between now and the time that Rihanna finally releases Anti is just filler for her devout fans. They’re biding their time playing the ANTIdiaRy mobile game and reading the Anti world tour list for the thrice time over. The good news for Rihanna’s Navy is that all of humanity is suffering in her absence, including the canine species.

Watch this French bulldog named Junior sing “Diamonds” from the passenger seat of his owner’s car with all of the woe that we feel without a new Rihanna to belt from the same seat where he sits. Click here to get the full scoop on ANTIdiaRy and the Anti world tour.