Derek Zoolander Steals All of David Beckham’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Thunder

Derek Zoolander is hands down the Sexiest Man Alive.

Even though David Beckham has just been given the coveted title by People magazine, the soccer star has some serious competition — Ben Stiller’s beloved male model alter-ego.

However, it seems like Beckham isn’t too happy about being dethroned. The fake cover, which was revealed just days after the first official trailer, sees Stiller lying on his front on a bed, topless and wearing leopard print trousers. Oh, and this is all while pulling his iconic “Blue Steel” facial expression, with the added extra of a popsicle in his mouth. He can’t seriously be upset, though. How can he?

“Hey @DavidBeckham remember when u were so mad about this?? Lol #ThrowbackMonday,” Zoolander captioned the Instagram post, along with a copy of his old Sexiest Model Alive cover.

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So to vent is mock frustration, Beckham shared the same image, jokingly declaring that his title has already been taken away from him. “I’m barely a week into my reign and already this man is trying to steal my thunder AGAIN @peoplemag #sexiestmanalive #bluesteel.”

Derek Zoolander’s hilarious cover was also briefly teased in the first full length trailer for Zoolander 2, which you can watch below!