WATCH: Gwen Stefani Says ‘I Love You’ to Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani casually dropped the L-word on Blake Shelton.

The singer basically told her new boyfriend she loved him on camera during an interview with ET. She and Adam Levine were chatting with them before Monday’s (Nov. 23, 2015) episode of The Voice, and got to talking about their fellow co-star judges, Shelton and Pharrell.

The Maroon 5 singer was revealed how much he loves Shelton. “F-ck Blake. I’ve known Blake for too long. Blake’s just my buddy,” he said and then added, “I’m just kidding. I love you, Blake! Kinda. Ish.” Stefani, who was standing next to Levine, couldn’t help but gush too. She leaned into the microphone and added: “I love you too, Blake! Ish.”

“You screwed yourself on that one!” a stunned Levine later told the “Used to Love You” singer. “I protect you and you do something like that?!”

Stefani and Shelton confirmed their romance in early November, and since then rumors of pregnancy, breaks ups, and cheating have all been suggested. However, in a recent appearance on Ellen, Stefani said that she was “in a good place” and “having a lot of fun.”