Queens Adele, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone Casually Grab Dinner in New York

Three queens. One casual dinner.

Adele joined Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone last night for the most awesome girls night. Where was our invite?

The three queens (who knew they were friends? Oh, Hollywood) made a stylish arrival at Cosme in New York City’s Flatiron district where they dined on yummy Mexican small plates and presumably a couple of margaritas.

J-Law and Adele recently came together just last week in New York (Nov. 20), where they had another causal dinner out with Lawrence’s Hunger Games co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson at the Waverly Inn restaurant in the West Village.

Afterwards, the trio went back to their hotel; J-Law and Stone headed on in while Adele spent some time outside signing autographs for her waiting, adoring fans.

We can’t help but wonder what they discussed: J-Law’s notorious friendship with one of the funniest female comics ever, Amy Schumer? Adele’s chart-topping record (which hasn’t even been out a week yet)? Perhaps Lawrence’s latest cover for Entertainment Weekly, where she was bestowed the grand honor of “Entertainer of the Year”?!


jennifer lawrence entertainment weekly's entertainer of the year
CREDIT: Entertainment Weekly

With the Hunger Games franchise sadly behind her and an Oscar already under her belt, Lawrence opened up about fame:

I can speak from personal experience. People start to feel a lot less guilty when you become bigger or have more money. People feel less guilty because it’s like stealing a Snickers from Duane Reade [drugstore]. People forget about the personal drain or attack that you feel.

As for her group of friends (i.e. Adele, Stone, Schumer, Hemsworth, Hutcherson…), Lawrence commented she keeps it small and isn’t afraid to cut people (and the BS) out:

I have a very small circle. The moment I feel like someone is using me or is in it for the wrong reasons, I have zero guilt about just cutting them the f—k out of my life. My bulls—t detector is phenomenal. None of my friends bulls—t me. Everything in my life has to be real.

On Liam and Josh, being on set with them for so long and so many years means they really got to know one another, and that makes the Hunger Games’ end bittersweet:

There’s just crazy s—t you would never tell anybody, but you do because you’re sitting on a set together for 16 hours a day. Josh, Liam,Woody [Harrelson]—we know each other. These people know more about me than anybody on the planet! So it’s bizarre for it to end. It does feel over.

Lawrence and Schumer are amazingly penning a script and starring in a movie together (YES). On that project, she noted about Schumer and her sister Kim Caramele:

They are the funniest motherf—kers that ever lived. They’re brilliant writers, too. And fast! The script is pretty much good to go. We work really well together—it’s been the most fun thing ever! All I do is laugh.

Does J-Law have a budding career as a screenwriter in the works now that she’s getting the experience with Schumer? Oh yes, and more:

I’d like to write some stuff that I’m not acting in, too. I want to get back to acting in small, dark stuff. I want to get back into Indies. I’d also like to direct a comedy. I have wanted to direct as long as I’ve wanted to act. I just don’t talk about it because I’d rather just do it.

Check out pics of J-Law, Adele and Emma Stone in the gallery above.