25 Thanksgiving Food-Inspired Names for Kim Kardashian’s Baby-to-Be

Kim Kardashian is due any day now, possibly sometime around Thanksgiving.

Since she’s yet to tell the public what she and Kanye West plan on naming their baby-to-be, we’ve come up with some baby names inspired by various Thanksgiving foods and dishes that we think would make a gouda name.

Sorry for the pun, get ready for lots more. This is all in honor of Thanksgiving tomorrow and Kimye’s second baby, who we at Celebuzz are very excited to meet.

In no particular order…

Here are 25 Thanksgiving Food-Inspired Baby Names for Kim Kardashian’s Second Child:

Gobbler West: In case they’re turkey lovers all year round.

Tofurkey West: In case they’re vegetarian.

Cornucopia (Kornucopia?) West: We like the fact that “cornucopia” is a bit androgynous sounding. Plus, it can be spelled like “Kornucopia,” keeping with the K names. Of course, North might get jealous for being left out.

Pecan West: But they run the risk of their baby having a nut allergy. That would be ironic and unfortunate.

Hickory Nut West: See above at “Pecan” regarding nut-allergies and baby names.

Taters West: His baby and toddler nickname can be “tater tot”!

Giblets West: It’s unique; sounds like a very Harry Potter-esque name, something J.K. Rowling would name a magical creature (or let’s be real, this is what she’d name a squib i.e. a wizard-born, non-magical person like Argus Filch).

Squash West: Who knows, maybe their son will be a racquetball jock and a vegetarian! Or farmer.

Gourd West: Keeping with the plant family, here’s Gourd. Gourd is not a great suggestion.

Apple Crisp West: First name Apple (à la Apple Martin, goop and Chris Martin’s daughter), middle name Crisp (or, you guessed it, Krisp).

Gravy West: My favorite food is gravy (it goes with literally everything!), so Gravy obviously made the list. Alternative option: Giblet Gravy West (middle name Gravy instead).

Mulled Cider West: This one is pretty alternative, given the fact that it’s an adult beverage.

Persimmon West: Another Harry Potter-esque name that also sounds über-Hollywood and über-A-list. Persimmon would lead the pack of off-the-wall celebrity baby names (sorry, Suri, Zuma, Apple, Blue Ivy, and YES YOU TOO North, et cetera).

Pumpkin West: Pumpkin is the obvious choice for Thanksgiving-themed baby names. Like of course we all think of pumpkin when we think of Thanksgiving. That’s why “Pumpkin” is unlikely – the Kardashian-West’s don’t go for the ordinary or the obvious.

Ham West: It’s got a nice ring. But again, there’s that whole vegetarian problem. Unless they’re naming him Ham ironically.

Chestnut West: This might be *too Christmas* to be appropriate. But when you consider stuffing, it works just fine. That being said…

Stuffing West: On second thought, the name Stuffing might be asking for some rather mean-spirited disses later in his life.

Mirepoix West: The essential base of any stew. Highly important. French. I’m thinking…yes, great choice.

Food Coma West: This is a touchy one.

Kale West: Middle name Caesar.

Korn Kasserole West: Alternatively, simply Kasserole West also feels appropriate. There are really so many options when Korn is involved (i.e. Korn Kob West, Kornbread West, et cetera).

Kelery West: Doubtful anyone else would want to name their child Kelery, thus rendering it completely unique. Anyways, who voluntarily wants to eat celery, like ever?

Turnip West: Because they like to turn up.

Rolls West: The Kardashian-Wests like their Rolls Royces. And yes, his middle name will be Royce, thus making his full name Rolls Royce West.

Fingerlings West: These stubby starches are totally underrated. So is this baby name.

You’re welcome, Kimye! Good luck grocery shopping for Thanksgiving baby names.