Celebs Caught Stuffing their Faces with No Shame

25 Hilarious Photos of Celebrities Eating Hot Dogs
Are you in need of a good laugh? Well then, we have the perfect pictures for you!

Take a bite out of this…

Ever been caught making eye contact with someone right as you’re taking a big bite out of your meal? Or maybe your friends have a few snap chats of you diving right into your food that are not “story worthy”. Well, do not fret because you are certainly not alone.

While some foodie celebs such as Chrissy Teigen almost flaunt the fact that they’re indulging in some seriously amazing foods, others are caught off guard mid-bite into their hot dogs, pizzas, pretzels, and whatever else is on the menu. There is something a little too comforting in knowing our favorite celebs have been caught on camera making the oh so funny faces we’ve all made while chewing, chomping, and eating away.

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