WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe and YouTube Star Hannah Hart Play the ‘Newlyfriend Game’

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Daniel Radcliffe is one of the most well-known box office names in the biz...

We just got to know these two a whole lot better.

Daniel Radcliffe stopped by to do a video with YouTube star Hannah Hart and what they created was nothing short of glorious.

Hannah, known for her hilarious My Drunk Kitchen video series, decided to invite Daniel to play a fun round of the “Newlyfriend Game.” It’s like the newlywed game, except you answer questions about the other person having just met them.

The Victor Frankenstein star guessed fun facts about Hannah and vice-versa, and it was pretty hilarious when they started with the first task of guessing each other’s favorite colors.

“I went that your favorite color is slate blue,” Hannah said. “Blue was one of the colors! Blue or yellow I would’ve accepted as correct!” Daniel responded.

“My childhood bedroom was yellow growing up,” he added. “And my childhood bedroom also looked out over a graveyard, so it was probably balancing that out.” “Oh, good, yeah. That way you just hit par on the emotional scale. You’re like, ‘Today is a beautiful day! We all die.'” Hannah joked.

They went on to guess each others favorite foods, biggest fears and favorite apps.

Daniel is promoting his latest film Victor Frankenstein, which was released on Nov. 25. Meanwhile, it has recently been announced that Hannah will be teaming up with Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart for their second movie together called Dirty Thirty.

Watch the video above!