30 Sets of Abs We Are Thankful For

There is definitely a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. 

What we are most thankful for is something that’s not that hard to find. One just has to go shirtless, head to the beach or take as selfie. This Thanksgiving, we’ve handpicked 30 men that have graced us with the presence of their abs in the last eleven months. If you’re showing off your six pack and you’re easy on the eyes, chances are we’ve got you spotted from a mile away.

From stars like Justin Bieber, to Jared Leto, to Zac Efron, we’ve gathered up the 30 best looking abs of 2015. Do yourself a favor and just sit back, relax, and launch the gallery above to show your thanks in the most appropriate way there is. Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving.