If Princess Charlotte, North West, Justin Bieber and More Celeb Kids Made Thanksgiving Hand Turkeys, They Might Look Like This

WATCH: Adele Saves Thanksgiving
Be thankful for Queen Adele.

Gobble, gobble. It’s that time of the year (again).

Remember back to Thanksgiving 2014. Sure, you probably ate some good food, enjoyed some fine company, went around the table and proclaimed what you were thankful for. But what do you really remember as the highlight of your holiday? Was it our original Celebrity Children Hand Turkey gallery? It probably was that, because it was — and remains still — quite amazing.

Something for you to be thankful for in 2015 (aside from Adele): we’re bringing that gallery back, and we have made some new additions. You are so, so welcome.

For clarification purposes, here he last year’s disclaimer, which holds true today as well:

It may come as a surprise to you that these hand turkeys were not, in fact, drawn by actual children. All hand turkeys in this gallery were drawn by fully-grown humans aged 20 to 50. (None of us are thankful for our lack of artistic skill.)

Now, get to clickin’! (And have a very happy Thanksgiving!)