Celebs Who Shopped Until They Dropped

Let the shopping begin!

Shopping seems to be quite the guilty pleasure for a number of celebrities. Who doesn’t love the feeling of buying a new pair of shoes, putting on a new dress, or sporting a new bag for all to see?

There is something about taking the tag off of an item and wearing it for the first time that sends this rush of adrenaline through us all. So how can we blame these celebs for their shopping spree’s? We simply can’t!

Whether it’s at stores like Forever 21 and Top Shop or Chanel and Louis Vuitton, celebs have been seen splurging on their favorite items all over. They always shop in style and never fail to make us want to upgrade our own closet. Sometimes we all need a little retail therapy and there’s no one to blame for that! Brace yourself for all the Black Friday shopping, and launch this gallery to see which celebs were recently out and about.