Celebrity Gym Selfies for Your Inspiration

Khloe Kardashian Hitting the Gym Leads Today's Star Sightings
Khloé Kardashian is back at her fitness routine

Working on your fitness?

There is no more inspiration to put on your workout clothes and hit the gym other than when celebs like Justin Bieber or Khloe Kardashian upload their post workout gym selfie, right?

Whether they’ve slayed the cardio game, lifted weights, or just finished a hot yoga session, sweaty celebs seem to always take the time to share with us their best gym selfie. Yes, even Justin Bieber sweats, and we really don’t mind pictures of his sweaty abs after a grueling JBieb styled workout. If they have the time to hit the gym, then we’ve really got no excuse.

With the holidays coming up it’s best we all take to the treadmill to keep from packing on the pounds from all the Thanksgiving stuffing and Christmas cookies coming our way.

Launch the gallery below for your favorite celeb gym selfies and don’t forget to post your own as you stay in shape this holiday season.