Instant Follow Friday: Martha Stewart Is the Queen of Lifestyle

Certified lifestyle guru and badass Martha Stewart has changed the world for the better when it comes to her guidance for living your best life at home.

Stewart knows all the tricks of the trade and then some, thanks to her five-month stint in jail (giving her oodles of well-deserved street cred) in 2005. Between her wicked sense of humor and forever youthful entrepreneurial spirit when it comes to her brand, Stewart’s sass has been in overdrive over the last couple of years, especially with the rising fad that is celebrity *lifestyle* brands and ventures by wannabes like Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively.

While Paltrow’s goop is arguably a success amongst flops (R.I.P. Preserve), it’s something that’s as fun to think about as it to make fun of. Stewart, on the other hand, will forever be the queen of lifestyle who pioneered the movement, and pioneered the hell out of it with class and eminence. She knows it to, telling Us Weekly humbly in 2013, “I think I started this whole category of lifestyle.”

Also, the former fashion model (Yes! What a babe!) and self-made woman allegedly has a net worth of $220 million (estimated by Forbes). And that number has only gone up, since Stewart sold her home and lifestyle empire Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in July of this year for a whopping $353 million. Almost unbelievably, her empire was once worth $2 billion back in 2005 due to her scandalous jail term for obstruction of justice related to insider trading. Rightfully so, everyone wanted a piece of the pie.

We at Celebuzz personally love pie season and the holidays for many reasons, one of them being the delicious and beautiful recipes provided by people like Stewart. In honor of the Queen and her lifestyle perfection (notably in light of Thanksgiving), we’re celebrating the wonders of her Instagram and Twitter for Instant Follow Friday.

Follow her on both @marthastewart and her personal account, @marthastewart48, as well as Twitter @MarthaStewart. Check out the best of Martha Stewart’s Instagram in the gallery above, and some of her best tweets (and could-be-better food photos) below!