Meet Adele’s Hot Bodyguard: Peter Van der Veen

Adele Sings 'Million Years Ago'
Adele continues to serenade us with her songs from her new album, '25.'

The Internet is freaking out over Adele’s new bodyguard, Peter Van der Veen, after spotting the Holland native in photos with her during her promotional tour of her new album, 25.

As a result of the massive popularity of Adele’s newest album, Van der Veen was brought on for extra security detail to make sure that the British songstress stays safe.

Adele will be starting her European tour for her new album this February and Van der Veen is expected to be accompanying her for the duration of the tour.

A former Mr. Europe, Peter has also worked security detail for pop superstar, Lady Gaga.

Move over, Kevin Costner, there’s a new hot bodyguard in town.