#MCM: Daniel Radcliffe Is Our ‘Victor Frankenstein’ Crush

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Daniel Radcliffe has set down his Harry Potter wand and is now playing Igor in the new movie Victor FrankensteinCheers to Daniel for being this week’s #MCM.

Although he will forever be Mr. Harry Potter in our hearts, Daniel Radcliffe is so much more. We have recently seen him emerge in movies such as Trainwreck and Kill Your Darlingsfor which he won a Chlotrudis Award for Best Actor.

In his new movie Victor Frankenstein he will be playing the role of Igor, Frankenstein’s assistant alongside James McAvoy who plays Doctor Frankenstein. The story is actually told from the perspective of Igor, so be prepared for lots of screen time for Mr. Radcliffe.

My character Igor starts off being this abused, mistreated, really ugly creature, who’s almost outside the caste system of the circus. He is the lowest of the low. And actually  — it’s all about him and his empowerment, and Victor finding him and showing him a world where his intellectual gifts are valued rather than unappreciated.

Daniel said about his character in an interview with Slash Film. This movie is said to put a “new twist” on the legend of Mary Shelly‘s classic 1818 novel: Frankenstein. Radcliffe is rumored to have a great performance and portrayal of his character.


Be sure to click through the gallery above for the evolution of our man crush, Daniel Radcliffe.

The movie hit theaters Nov. 25th. Check out the trailer below and see it today.