Justin Theroux Denies Saying 9/11 Is the ‘Best Thing That Happened to New Yorkers’

Don’t lie about Justin Theroux because he (and his rep) will set you straight.

An extra on the set of The Leftovers told Page Six that the actor made a tasteless joke about 9/11. The person claims that Jennifer Aniston’s husband called 9/11 “the best thing that happened to New Yorkers,” followed with a story that he was able to get a good deal on rent in the city after the 2001 attacks.

However, his rep denies he ever said that.

As a New Yorker and someone who has lived downtown for over 20 years, Justin would not make jest of 9/11.

These rumors come a few months after comedian Steve Rannazzisi came under fire for making up a story that he escaped from the World Trade Center during 9/11.