WATCH: Chris Hemsworth Daydreaming with an Armful of Kittens Is a Vision of Pure Bliss

Chris Hemsworth Almost Gave up on Acting
Let's not speak of a world without Chris

Chris Hemsworth has two things on his mind: getting wet (in the riptide) and cuddling with pussy (cats).

In a short film by Bruce Weber capturing the actor’s recent Vanity Fair spread called “The Man Who Dreams Only of Surfing”, Hemsworth swoons over his personal man crush, professional surfer Kelly Slater.

“We had a number of his surf films and things we’d watch a thousand times,” recalls the Aussie. “And theater studies I’d practice on a Sunday, which was unheard of for us. So my dad went surfing, came back and said, ‘You’ll never guess who I surfed with.’ I said, ‘Who?’ He like, ‘Kelly Slater.'”

“And you know, I just started crying.”

If this image isn’t enough to heal your empty soul, please enjoy the following.

Chris Hemsworth wading in a sea of kittens.

Chris Hemsworth 2
CREDIT: Bruce Weber

Chris Hemsworth washing dishes.

CREDIT: Bruce Weber

And Chris Hemsworth nostalgically staring off into the distance from the inside of a shark.

CREDIT: Bruce Weber

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