WATCH: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Asks Animal Notoriously Lacking Wings to ‘Fly Him to the Moon’

#MCM: Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 'The Night Before'
Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been all over lately promoting his new movie The Night Before

Well, this is awkward.

If it weren’t for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s suave, boyish charm, we would have to take to issue with his demand of “Fly Me to the Moon” to The Muppets Miss Piggy. How dare Gordon-Levitt remind the porker of the single motor function that her race is historically incapable of achieving? Still, a technical glitch behind set nearly cuts their duet short because karma’s a bitch, or better yet, a swine.

Watch their duet in the video above. The Muppets airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.