WATCH: Julianne Moore’s Raw Talent Attracts Swarms of Middle-Aged Women

WATCH: Julianne Moore Reveals Her Crazy Summer Hair
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She’s so godd*mn captivating.

Julianne Moore is Billy Eichner’s latest victim to ambush New York City tourists in a new episode of Billy On the StreetThe Academy Award winner is challenged to rival Times Square “talent” for tips by prostituting her incomparable thespianism. Though she missed an Oscars nomination for her slab of raw emotion in The Kids Are Alright, her co-star Annette Bening never starstruck a sea of menopausal women with such finesse.

We now present the Academy with this harrowing evidence.

Exhibit A: Women in Background (Right) Riding High on an Afternoon of Couponing


Exhibit B: Woman Who Has Never Seen the Uncensored Version of Steel Magnolias

Exhibit C: Woman Who Is Unsure as to What is Fiction and What is Reality


And as a bonus item,

Exhibit D: This Man Who Has Definitely Seen the Uncensored Version of Steel Magnolias


We rest our case.

Watch Moore attract every woman with an AARP card in the video at the top of the page.