Justin Bieber’s Throwback Photo of Him and Selena Gomez

Selena Hates Dating
Another day, another opportunity for Selena Gomez to talk about Justin Bieber.

If his ex, Selena Gomez, is tired of talking about him, Justin Bieber certainly isn’t helping the situation by posting old photos of the two of them when they were still together.

The former couple was recently spotted hanging out in late November at a hotel bar, where Bieber serenaded Gomez with a romantic love song.

Adding fuel to the fire, Bieber posted this picture of him and Selena hanging out on an all-terrain vehicle with the caption, “Just a throwback calm down.”

The pic was taken while the twosome were still dating and on a romantic vacation in Canada.

Canadian rapper Drake even commented on the photo, expressing his disappointed that Jelena — the couple name given to Bieber and Gomez — are not back together.

Despite all this talk, a snitch tells People magazine that things are strictly platonic between the two.

The source dishes, “They care about each other and miss each other, but they’re not getting back together right now.”