Justin Theroux Reveals He Almost Died During His Honeymoon with Jennifer Aniston

Justin Theroux had a brush with death on his honeymoon.

During his appearance on Friday’s (Dec. 4, 2015) Live! With Kelly and Michael, the Leftovers star opened up about his near death experience while in Bora Bora with wife Jennifer Aniston. He admits he got pretty spooked when a scuba diving expedition didn’t go as he planned.

The actor explained that he went down “pretty deep” and noticed that his oxygen tank was in the red. When he motioned to his instructor that he was running out of air, he says he was told it was fine and to keep swimming. He did as he was told, and tried to enjoy the dive, but kept looking at the tank and noticed that he was in trouble.

“I was using every hand signal I could possibly figure out,” he said. After approaching the instructor a second time, the man realized the severity of the situation and quickly attached Theroux to his emergency respirator, causing water to pour into his mouth. “Now, I’m like coughing and panicking,” he recalled. “It’s not a great feeling.”

At one point, Theroux admits that he started to think someone was trying to kill him. “Your brain goes into a crazy place,” he said, adding that he thought, “Oh my God, this is some plot to kill me.” Thankfully, he made it out alive to join Instagram.

Watch Justin Theroux explain his horrible experience in better detail below.