WATCH: Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Get Awkwardly Asked About Their Relationship

Adam Levine to the rescue!

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton encountered one of the most awkward interviews ever when they were suddenly asked about their budding relationship while appearing on Today on Monday (Dec. 7, 2015). Luckily, their fellow The Voice coach stepped in to defuse the situation before either one has to answer.

“Gwen and Blake, of course, we all know what’s going on with you guys,” host Natalie Morales said, hinting to the fact that Stefani, 46, and Shelton, 39, recently made their relationship public. “Is it good just to be out in the open now?”

As Stefani smiled uncomfortably and Shelton chuckled, Levine quickly chimed in, “Next question! Next question, please! Ask the next question before it gets awkward!”

Though the conversation was immediately shifted, the awkwardness had already set in.

Watch the whole thing — below.