WATCH: Channing Tatum Mercilessly Insults a Kitten on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Alex Pettyfer: Channing Tatum 'Does Not Like Me'
Things on the Magic Mike set weren't always fun and games.

Who knew Channing Tatum was so mean.

To promote his upcoming Quentin Tarantino film, The Hateful Eight, the actor took part in a hilarious sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he mercilessly bullies a tiny, white kitten. As odd as that might sound, it was pretty entertaining.

Amid a room of pink and fluffy white furniture, with a backdrop of hearts (rainbows too), the Magic Mike XXL star says eight “hateful” things to the little cat. “You’re such a piece of sh–,” Tatum says to kick things off. It only got more hateful from there.

He even decided it was necessary to pull not one, but two fingers at the tiny feline. “You know what sucks about you, dude? You don’t have thumbs,” he notes. “That sucks for you. I got thumbs. They’re right where my middle fingers are.”

The 35-year-old recently admitted that he was “really intimidated” when he first began filming The Hateful Eight, which also stars Samuel L. Jackson. Maybe he just needed to feed his ego by jokingly (obviously) bullying an animal! Or he could have totally been picturing his Magic Mike co-star Alex Pettyfer as he was throwing out the insults.