Channing Tatum Admits to Being Terrified on Set of ‘The Hateful Eight’

'Magic Mike XXL' Beef
Things on the Magic Mike set weren't always fun and games, Alex Pettyfer admits.

He might not be scared of stripping down to next to nude for the silver screen, but Channing Tatum was truly intimidated to work with famed director, Quentin Tarantino.

Tatum, who stars in Tarantino’s latest film opus, The Hateful Eight, explained that for his first day on set, the first shot was an impressive 360 degree pan.

As Channing told People magazine, “And I’m just like wide-eyed trying to figure out what not to screw up.”

His co-stars included long-time Tarantino collaborators like Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Samuel L. Jackson.

This film—Tatum’s first experience working with Tarantino—reunited the 35-year-old Magic Mike XXL star with Samuel L. Jackson, his co-star from the first film of his career, Coach Carter.