‘The Hunger Games’ Might Be Getting a Prequel: It Will ‘Live on and on’

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This is what Katniss Everdeen looks like in pug form

May the odds be ever in our favor.

According to Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns, rumor has it that the studio is looking to develop prequels to the ever-popular Everdeen franchise, The Hunger Games. Burns revealed on Tuesday (Dec. 8, 2015) at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference that the franchise “will live on and on”.

Variety reports that the Vice Chairman noted that younger Hunger Games fans missed the arenas in which the 74th and 75th versions of the Hunger Games competition took place when they were absent in the third and fourth films. “If we went backwards there obviously would be arenas,” he notes.

As of now, the project is merely a concept, but Mockingjay director Francis Lawrence did express interest in working on a backstory to the Games to Entertainment Weekly.

“The interesting part of the story for me is to go back 75 years earlier and see how everything became the way it is,” he said, via io9. “I’m sure if Suzanne [Collins] were to get inspired and decide there’s another story that’s important for her to tell that exists within the world of Panem … whatever that could be, I’m sure it would be great. And I’d loved to be involved, absolutely.”

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