WATCH: A Gentle Reminder that Beyoncé Did ‘The Wiz’ Before It Was a Thing

Bow down, witches.

The Wiz Live raked in the tweets over the weeknd with the highest approval rating out of all NBC’s previous live productions of Peter Pan and The Sound of Music. It had Ne-Yo, it had Mary J. Blige, it had voguing Emerald City. So what exactly was missing?

Oh right, Queen Beyoncé at the tender age of 7 performing the show’s ballad “Home” in a bedazzled Dorothy costume, likely designed by the House of Dereon.


The host of Houston’s Sammy Awards introduces the returning ‘Baby Junior’ competitor by reading her name from a sheet of paper, unaware of the royalty a mere twenty feet away. Treason!

Bey belts out the show tune with minor pitch problems, but it’s counteracted with all of the drama that one might witness now in one of her self-filmed Thanksgiving specials.


Remember—there are both sweet dreams and nightmares to face before one can wake up #flawless.