Ben Affleck Spotted Holding Hands With Sienna Miller

Ben Affleck Is Not Romancing the Family's Nanny
Ben Affleck wants you to know that he is not dating his family's nanny.

Let the romance rumors start flying.

Ben Affleck and Sienna Miller were spotted holding hands in between takes this week while on the set of their new movie, Live By Night. While the cameras were off, the two were seen sharing a laugh as they grabbed some food on the set.

Affleck, who is directing and starring in the Prohibition era crime drama, had changed out of his costume and was seen wearing a New England Patriots beanie while Miller was dressed up in 1920s clothing. (Meaning: They weren’t holding hands for a scene, folks!)

Earlier this year, the two co-stars both split from their respective partners. Affleck, 43, announced in June that he was divorcing longtime wife Jennifer Garner after 10 years of marriage. In July, Miller, 33, and actor Tom Sturridge, ended their three-year engagement.

Neither stars have spoken out about the other, though Affleck and Miller were seen kissing — for the scene while the cameras were rolling — on set on Nov. 21, 2015.

A source told People that “there are no signs of a romance between them” and Affleck “has acted very professional” throughout the shoot.

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