Justin Bieber Made a Super Awkward Joke About Underage Girls

Come on Justin Bieber, you’re better than that.

The “Sorry” singer decided to make a joke about underage girls during An Acoustic Evening With Justin Bieber in Toronto, Canada on Monday (Dec. 7, 2015), and things got awkward. So awkward, that he had to call himself out on the failed joke.

When he took a break from performing to start a conversation with the crowd, he asked about the ages of his fans. “Who’s 13? We got any 13-year-olds?” Bieber asked his audience as many cheered in response. “We got any 14-year-olds?” After a brief pause, Bieber began counting with his fingers to do some math. “Four more years until you’re 18,” he joked.

He laughed as the crowd continued applauding him, but Bieber quickly corrected himself. “Too much, Justin,” he said. Watch the video capturing his “joke” below.

We think the singer is in need of some love. One day he’s trying to get Selena Gomez back, and the next he’s tracking down girls on Instagram. What’s next?

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